“Sadly, history repeats itself” – Memorial at Strasbourg’s Old Synagogue destroyed by Nazis vandalized

A memorial stone marking the site of Strasbourg’s Old Synagogue, which was destroyed by the Nazis in the second world war, was vandalized overnight in the eastern French city.

“A new incident of antisemitism in our town,” Alain Fontanel, the deputy mayor of the Strasbourg wrote on Twitter, posting a picture showing a large black marble slab that had been knocked off its plinth.

“Quai Kléber synagogue was burnt down by the Nazis nearly 80 years ago. The memorial stone which marked this tragedy was vandalized overnight.”

“Sadly, history repeats itself” - Memorial at Strasbourg's Old Synagogue destroyed by Nazis vandalized (2).jpg

The town hall was working with the police to track down those responsible, he said.

“Sadly, history repeats itself,” Fontanel wrote on his Facebook page.

The synagogue, which was the Jewish community’s main place of worship in the city, was ransacked by the Hitler Youth on 30 September 1940, then burnt to the ground.

Sadly, history repeats itself” - Memorial at Strasbourg's Old Synagogue destroyed by Nazis vandalized (3)  Sadly, history repeats itself” - Memorial at Strasbourg's Old Synagogue destroyed by Nazis vandalized (4)

“Once again, enough is enough,” Mayor Roland Ries wrote on his Facebook page.

“The site is itself a response to whoever did this repulsive act because it symbolizes both the exactions and horrors of the Nazi regime and the French people’s power of resistance.”

A spate of high-profile anti-Semitic incidents has shocked France, where officials say attacks against Jews rose by 74% last year.

Last weekes several anti-Semitic incidents were reported in France. Nearly 100 graves were vandalized at the Jewish cemetery in Alsace, eastern France.

France 80 graves vandalized at Jewish cemetery just hours ahead of marches against anti-Semitism (3)

A Jewish family from Les Pavillons-sous-Bois, in the eastern suburbs of Paris, received in their mailbox a letter with antisemitic inscriptions. Swastikas and “Jews Out”, “long live Le Pen” have been written on this anonymous letter.

Argentina, Australia, Germany, France, UK - Anti-Semitic hate crimes on the rise worldwide.jpg

Statements celebrating the Holocaust were sent in a letter to a Jewish school in Montrouge, in the southern suburbs of Paris and, separately, the words “death to Jews” were painted on the fence of a synagogue north of the city.

The letter reads: “Arab countries would have lived in peace if Adolf Hitler finished exterminating all the Jews” and “France is a rear base of Zionism in Europe”.

A Jewish man was attacked with rocks, tear gas and anti-Semitic insults by a group of Muslims terrorists in the Saint-Brice suburbs of Paris.

Vandals scrawled anti-Jewish graffiti on a monument in a cemetery in the French village of Champagne-au-Mont-d’Or.


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