🕯️ Never forget the Har Nof synagogue massacre

🕯️ We remember – Four years ago, on Tuesday morning Nov. 18, 2014, two Muslim terrorists armed with guns, knives and axes stormed into the Kehilat Bnei Torah synagogue in the quiet Har Nof neighborhood of Jerusalem during morning prayers.

Four Jewish worshipers and a brave Druze policeman were brutally slaughtered in the terror attack.

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Murdered were American-Israelis Rabbi Moshe Twersky (59); Rabbi Calman Levine (55); and Rabbi Aryeh Kupinsky (43); and British-Israeli Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg and Master Sergeant Zidan Saif (30).

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Seven other worshipers were wounded by the Muslim terrorists, two seriously. One of the injured victims, Howard (Chaim) Rotman, having spent nearly a year in a vegetative coma died of his wounds on 23 October 2015.

Both terrorists from East Jerusalem were eliminated at the scene by police.

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Terror fans took to Twitter to celebrate the “fourth anniversary” of the massacre, calling the carnage “heroic” and glorifying the Muslim terrorists.

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