German, French airports on alert after 4 Moroccan terrorists spotted taking photos at Stuttgart airport

German and French biggest airports are on alert after four Muslim terrorists, including a father and a son, were spotted taking photos of the Stuttgart airport terminal and grounds.

Details of the Muslim terrorists were passed to German police by Morocco’s secret service, reports say.

This comes a week after a terror attack across the border in France, in which a Muslim terrorist murdered three people and wounded 13 while shouting “allahu akbar” at the Strasbourg Christmas Market.

Two days after the terror attack, police found the Muslim terrorists described by their Moroccan counterparts in a German-licensed vehicle at Paris’ Charles De Gaulle Airport.

In a press release, Stuttgart police said that stepped-up security measures are “purely precaution”.

Police asked citizens not to overreact and said that “there are currently no indications of a concrete threat to the airports in Baden-Württemberg,” the state of which Stuttgart is the capital.

Gatwick Airport in London has told passengers not to come to the airport tomorrow as the drone drama enters the third day of a cat-and-mouse game between police and the drone pilot before the Army was called in this afternoon.

Armed officers carrying sniper rifles have been dotted along the runway ready to shoot down the drone, while 20 police units from two different forces joined the search.

But despite the military presence and three police helicopters searching through the Sussex countryside, the saboteur who has left tens of thousands of people stranded remained at large tonight.

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