Terror attack thwarted: Muslim terrorist caught with knife north of Jerusalem

BREAKING: A Muslim terrorist was caught with a knife near the Jewish community of Psagot, in the Binyamin area, north of Jerusalem.

IDF forces identified a teen-terrorist that aroused their suspicion. Upon searching him, a knife he planned to use in a terror attack was found hidden in his clothes.

The terrorist, identified as a 14-year-old from Ramallah, was transferred to security forces for further questioning.

No injuries reported.

The IDF arrested 8 Muslim terrorists overnight in Judea and Samaria, who were wanted for involvement in terrorism and violent disorders directed against civilians and security personnel.

The IDF, Shin Bet and the Border Police are taking part in the manhunt for the Muslim terrorists who murdered 17-year-old Israeli girl Rina Shnerb HY’D and wounded her father and brother while they were hiking near the Jewish community of Dolev.