Historic Day: With the Bible and a flag – Israel aims to be 4th country to land on the moon

Aiming to become the fourth country to make a soft landing on the moon, SpaceIL will launch a spacecraft from

French jihadist linked to Paris attacks eliminated in coalition strike on last ISIS holdout in Syria

French Muslim terrorist Fabien Clain was eliminated Wednesday in a coalition air strike on an ISIS holdout in Syria, French

IDF aircraft fires at motorcycle carrying Muslim terrorists near the border in central Gaza

BREAKING: Moments ago, an IDF aircraft targeted a motorcycle near the security border fence in central Gaza, in what appears to

Terror attack thwarted: Muslim terrorist caught with knife near a school in the Jordan Valley

BREAKING: A Muslim terrorist was caught with a knife and arrested by security forces near the Jewish community of Maale

IDF aircraft target Hamas terror posts in Gaza in response to riots and explosive attacks

BREAKING: IDF aircraft bombed Hamas terror positions in southern Gaza in retaliation to explosive devices attached to balloons that were

Terror continues: Gaza terrorists launch drones carrying explosives into Israel – Late-night riots began

BREAKING: Muslim terrorists in Gaza launched a homemade drone carrying explosive devices attached to a bunch of balloons. The drone

Abbas rejects tax money following Israel’s deduction of Pay-to-Slay terrorists’ salaries

Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas said on Wednesday that the PA had decided to reject all the tax funds Israel

Rafael unveils new ‘Rocks’ missile: Faster than the speed sound and can destroy underground targets

Israeli defense company Rafael has unveiled the new ‘Rocks’ long-range air-to-surface missile capable of destroying underground targets at the Aero India show