Turkish terrorist attempts to hijack Haifa-bound cargo ship

A Turkish terrorist attempted to hijack a ship that was making its way from Turkey to Israel’s northern port of Haifa. A fire broke out on the cargo ship as a result of the take over attempt.

The Israeli Navy was called into the scene, which it said was under control.

The MSC Canberra container ship, which sails under a Panamanian flag, left Turkey’s Mersin Port on Friday.

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According to the IDF’s Spokesperson’s Unit, the ship, which had been anchored near Haifa port was reported to have been set on fire by ‘unknown individuals’.

IDF forces are “monitoring and handling the incident” together with the Israel Police and in coordination with the vessel’s staff.

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Defense officials said they are looking into the assessment that the incident is of ‘criminal nature’. Further details of the attack were barred from publication by the IDF censor.

No casualties have been reported, and the extent of damage caused to the vessel remains unclear.

UPDATE: The Israeli Navy boarded the ship after the ship’s crew alerted port authorities of a disturbance on board at around 3 a.m.

A stowaway who was discovered on board threatened to set fire to the ship if the crew report him to Israel.

The ship’s crew alerted port authorities and, according to reports, locked themselves in the bridge for safety as the terrorist caused a fire and went on a violent rampage until the Israeli Navy boarded the ship.

The Israeli Navy searched the ship for several hours and has since arrested the Turkish terrorist.

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