Weapons smuggling attempt foiled near Jerusalem – Pipebomb-thrower terrorists arrested in Samaria

BREAKING: Border Police and military police stationed at the Mizmoriya crossing between Jerusalem and Bethlehem foiled an attempt to smuggle weapons from the Palestinian Authority into Israel.

The forces stopped a vehicle that aroused their suspicion, in which four Palestinian Authority residents were traveling in.  Upon searching, two handguns and firebombs were found.

During the search, the Muslim terrorists called for reinforcements, leading to the arrest of five additional Muslim terrorists, one minor and four in their 20s.

In another incident, IDF troops arrested four Muslim terrorists after they were detected by a CCTV observer. The terrorists were advancing suspiciously form Shechem. Upon searching, four pipe bombs were found on them.

Following the arrest, the Muslim terrorists were transferred to security forces for further questioning.

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